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Virginia Donkey Rescue is Proud to Offer Several Special Programs for Donkey Owners

Education & Resources Program

Many people find themselves owning donkeys, but not really sure of how to take care of them.  These donkeys are often unhandled and can not be haltered for routine care such as trimming.  This often leads to neglect and owner who don't know what to do.  Virginia Donkey Rescue is happy to work with owners like these to help provide basic care information, one on one coaching on how to resolve the issues, and a list of resources nearby that can help.  It's not always easy finding a vet or farrier willing to help with a "wild" donkey.  Simply contact us to let us know how we can help.


When the situation can't be resolved with any of the above options, owners may choose to surrender their donkeys.  Surrenders must be approved in advance (no drop offs without prior approval), and are now going through Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  Click here to fill out their surrender request form.