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Dear friends, adopters and supporters,

December 31st at midnight marked our 3rd year in business, and the last day that Virginia Donkey Rescue operated as a non-profit (see prior announcements).

The corporation will continue to exist mainly so no one else can take the business name and cause confusion with our prior adopters.  The donkeys that have been adopted from Virginia Donkey Rescue and the agreements for those adoptions are still valid (another reason to keep the corporation in existence). Any adopters that need to return donkeys for any reason are welcome to do so - no questions asked - as always. Our adoption contract actually requires that donkeys be returned to us (they may not be sold, gifted, or disposed of in any way) if the adopter can not keep them.

If you return donkeys to us they will be absorbed by Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (PVDR), and will be returned to the PVDR Eastern Region location at our same Concord, VA address: 414 Stonewall Rd., Concord, VA 24538.

PVDR has the same policies VDR had - and once a PVDR donkey, always a PVDR donkey. They donkeys will be protected for life by PVDR's policies and adoption contract should they be re-adopted.

Our contact information also hasn't changed, the board is still intact, and we are still here to support you. The phone number is 844-433-4299 (or 844-Hee-Hawz). The email is and the website is

The support we received from Virginia and beyond was simply amazing. Because of YOU, VDR was able to help 245 donkeys in the 2.5 years that we were active (the last 6 months PVDR took over donkey surrenders). I hope you will continue to support us at PVDR, as we have huge plans to help so many more donkeys. You can follow along on our new Facebook page Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue - Eastern Region

With the deepest gratitude to all of you for all of your support these past three years. Sending huge donkey hugs from all of us at VDR/PVDR East, and we look forward to great things to come.

Kimberly Clark
Eastern States Regional Manager - Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and founder of Virginia Donkey Rescue